The Hobbyist

Everyone has a hobby. For for some, this is just a tad different to the typical collection or creation you or I might possess. The Hobbyist explores the stories of two such collectors. Ben & Tom in Shropshire and Jeff in Stoke-on-Trent.

Hobbies have so many benefits ranging from challenging skill and ingenuity, providing an outlet to de-stress and uniting like minded people.

... and when there are tanks involved, how can you say no?

Fields, Trees & Tanks

In deepest, darkest Shropshire. In the middle of some of the most picturesque countryside in the UK, you'll find the collection of Ben & Tom. It's safe to say, their collection packs a punch. Literally. Just off a country lane, you'll find a treasure trove of former British military vehicles, some dating back to the Second World War. It all started with that infamous student loan. Yes, that sudden injection of cash that is supposed to be used for books and academic texts. But let's not get bogged down in them boring technicalities when the money can be spend on buying a tank! Gradually, over the years, the collection has grown, and grown, and grown a little more!

But one thing that continues to this day is their passion for restoring these workhorses of our national defence and showcasing them to the public. It's pretty cool!

The Art of Jewellery

Jewellery making is a fine and delicate art. Escaping to his magical workshop at the end of his garden, Jeff has been producing intricate pieces for several years. Further to this, he tours the UK selling it at fairs and markets.

For many people, owning a precious piece of jewellery is much more than just a piece of shiny metal. It's a personal item used to mark many of lives big occasions. For others, jewellery has spiritual, religious and historical meanings. This fine, traditional art will no doubt continue to draw people to its beauty, for many years to come.


Oh, yes! The awards!

Awards & Nominations

Royal Television Society North West,

Student Awards 2020 

Nominee in the Factual Category 

The Cat Awards, 2019 

Winner of Best Film & Best Documentary

as judged by Richard Macer (filmmaker)

Awards & Nominations

The Cat Awards, 2019 

Nominee of Best Cinematography

as judged my Sunny King (producer at Blakeway North)

Awards & Nominations

'The Hobbyist had a bold narrative style. I enjoyed the humour the director brought to the piece particularly in the use of commentary. But it was also clever to use the camera's POV as a comedic tool when the vehicle was bumping along the road. It was nice to be out in the vehicle breaking up the interview/GV's intercut that had been established in the first few minutes. There was a nice sense of actuality here and being the driver in a very unique and engaging situation. At the end I felt the director of The Hobbyist made a documentary that was accessible to its audience. It was about the right length. It had a distinctive tone. It used different devices to help give the piece a change in tempo and style. And it was genuinely funny.'

Richard Macer
Documentary Filmmaker

'Really hard to find any faults with this film. It's shot beautifully with sequences well thought through. Use of the lighting is great and consistent. The back lighting towards the end of the film is well captured and really works with the jewellery. The choice of shooting at night really works in and outside the workshop. Interview is well shot, lighting is good and depth in the background. Close ups work really well as we understand the point of view of The Hobbyist. Overall the style has been applied correctly and wide shots of The Hobbyist working alone in the workshop captures what it's like for him. The whole film feels like one large well-built sequence.'

Sunny King
Producer at Blakeway North