Filmmaking is a real passion of mine. Of course, to make a film you need all the gadgets. A camera. Software to edit. Maybe even some fancy graphics. But one thing that makes films brilliant - are the stories they tell.

Stories come in all different shapes and sizes. Some might shock whilst some might surprise. Some my make you laugh and some will make you cry. Filmmaking is an art form that lets you bring ideas and concepts that might be hidden from view, into the light.

There is nothing that excites me more than meeting a person and letting them begin to take you on an inspired journey, leaving you with only one thing to say - wow. I am extremely proud of the films I have made and I can't wait for you to watch them. So, sit back, get comfortable and binge-watch!

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Art Historian Mark Callaghan explores the fascinating history and design behind some of Manchester's most iconic buildings. This short documentary focuses on the industrial heritage of Whitworth Street in the heart of the city. Featuring the works of renowned architects Harry Fairhurst, Alfred & Paul Waterhouse.


Presented by - Mark Callaghan
Written by - Mark Callaghan & Tom Marland
Directed & Produced by - Tom Marland, Markus Sætran & Katie Darling
Executive Producer - Ryan Holland
With Thanks to - Ali McBride, Steve Allen & Andy Nixon
Produced in Association with - ArchitectWeekly

Team Spirit

In association with Team E productions and produced between February & May 2017, Team Spirit sees us explore the cooperation between members of Ghost Tours UK. Ghost Tours UK provides ghost investigation experiences for members of the public as well as independent building investigations. The group host a number of events in and around the North West and is made up of a team with skills ranging from mediums, scientists and enthusiasts. Working closely with Managing Director, Adam Spencer Young - this four minute documentary feature interviews with different members of the team and we go on our own investigation to the Snake Pass Inn in Derbyshire.

Team Spirit
A Film by - Tom Marland, Markus Sætran & Michael Butler
Interviewees - Adam, Ben, Gareth & Sophie
Investigation Mediums - Rob & Kelly
Location Assistant - Katie Darling
With thanks - the staff at the Snake Pass Inn, Bamford
Special thanks - Adam Spencer Young & all at Ghost Tours UK

The Minister

The Minister is my first short film produced in the second year of my studies. Filmed, Directed and Edited by myself, it looks into the personal life as a United Reformed Church Minister. David shares his experiences through the years and uncovers the life of a modern Church Minister in a world of shrinking congregations and the growing disinterest in religion.

The Minister

Filmed, Produced & Edited by - Tom Marland
Special Thanks - David

Blue Bridge Drone Photography


The Hobbyist

Learn more about the people behind the passion.

In the heart of Shropshire hides the unknown collection of Ben & Tom. Whereas some of us choose to collect small items such as model railways or even stamps. Ben & Tom decided to collect something just a tad bigger!

A Nazi in the Family

The story of a horrific human crime, during darkest moments of the Second World War.

Only a couple of years ago, Derek Niemann found out a family secret that would shock him to the core. He was the grandson of SS-Hauptsturmführer (Captain). His name, Karl Niemann.


Middlewich Fire Station

Virtual Open-Day, 2020

I provided editorial services as well as consultation on the run up to Middlewich Fire Station's virtual open-day for 2020. I even got to experience being a firefighter for a day!


Showcasing hair & beauty in Warrington.

The Brief; create an imaginative, contemporary corporate film for O'Brien's Hair & Beauty Salon, located in the heart of Warrington in the North West of England.